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IronNet provides customized cyber workforce and readiness reviews to help your organization identify talent, retain resources, and apply custom cyber workforce frameworks to your enterprise. We use standards from NICE, ENISA, ISO, and IEEE, combined with our expertise in creating certification criteria for cyber defense knowledge, skills and abilities to take your teams to the next level.

Work Role and Performance

Determine performance requirements for your organization and the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for your team.

Training Needs Assessment

Identify the training and education opportunities that will best develop your team.

Tailored Curriculum Development and Delivery Component

Create and deliver challenging individual and collective training to build skilled, cohesive security teams.

Our Services Include:

  • Developing screening programs for cyber defense aptitude and ability
  • Creating customized individual and team training pipelines
  • Planning and administering individual certification events and team exercises

Custom Deliverables

  • Cyber aptitude assessments
  • Specific workrole knowledge skills and abilities checklists
  • Job qualification checklists
  • Table top exercise for process implementation and escalation
  • Network exercises
  • Labor risk assessment
  • Full spectrum training solutions
  • Recommended training pipeline for work roles in a company
  • Recommended 'manning document' with current human resources
  • Performance metrics and scorecards: individual, small team, organization