Cyber Skillset Training

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Demand for cyber and information security professionals is expected to increase 53% through 2018.

Allocate your hiring costs wisely. Invest in elite education in advanced cybersecurity operations.

Arm your analysts with the skills they need.

IronNet Cyber Skillset Training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team and your organization.

We recognize that training world-class security teams isn't one-size-fits-all.

Hunt Methodology

Proactive Techniques

Designed for advanced security researchers, this course presents proactive approaches and defensive techniques for discovering anomalous activity in the network. Learn how to methodically detect and respond to threats that are evading traditional rule or signature-based security solutions. Think like the adversary.

Offensive Methodology

Adversary Mindset

Using the most current cyber threat emulation techniques, we focus on professional and advanced penetration testing and enterprise security. We incorporate intelligence gathering, service enumeration, network mapping, and exploitation techniques to teach defenders to interpret anomalous activity and evolve your company's current controls.

Digital Network Forensics

Discovery and Analysis

This boot camp-style course introduces unique tactics and techniques for using tools to discover and analyze artifacts in the network. Focus revolves around hands-on activities customized for your company and presentation of real-world investigations.


Development and Investigation

This course teaches network penetration techniques, covering both the fundamentals and more sophisticated skills. Students are introduced to exploit development. Concepts of Threat Emulation are discussed to better identify and defend against enterprise vulnerabilities.

Data Analytics For Security Intelligence

Optimized Information

Our analytics team explains the principles and application of big data and how your cyber threat operations can benefit from large scale analytics.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Leadership

Team Concepts

Multi-day event to empower SOC leadership teams to create winning programs and policies. Using practical exercise scenarios, we develop leadership traits through real-world application of incident response plans and targeted hunting operations.

Malware Analysis Bootcamp

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced

This three day course provides a rapid introduction to the basic, intermediate, and advanced skills and methodologies necessary for performing malware analysis in Windows systems. The course is instructor-led with practical exercises.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Operations

Intelligence Explained

Leaders who have served in the intelligence community help teams apply the intelligence cycle and targeting principles to their cyber operations portfolio. Focus is on risk identification and understanding the indicators of malware or APT-like activity.

Executive Education

Custom Created Instruction

Collaborate with our esteemed cybersecurity leaders and technical experts to develop a deeper understanding of your company's cyber risk. Explore the most pressing cyber threats to your organization today and examine emerging threats that may affect you in the future.

Custom Cyber Threat Seminar

Your Interest, Our Business

In a one-day, town hall-style environment, we bring our top security researchers and cyber security leaders to your company to discuss the most relevant issues in network security today.