Identify targeted industry campaigns in near-real-time.

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IronDome is the industry's first collective defense system that shares cyber anomalies across an industry sector to deliver machine-speed visibility of threats targeting peer members.

IronDome Features

IronDome automatically analyzes and shares pre-triaged behavioral event data between members to deliver unprecedented industry level visibility and risk mitigation.

Industry-Wide Threat Visibility

Anonymously summarizes participant events and runs analytics to deliver cyber situational awareness and threat insights across communities of similar risk profiles.

Community Triage

Leverages threat insights from industry peers to inform local IronDefense instances, enabling the detection of targeted campaigns that would be difficult to identify by any single company working in isolation.

Automated Machine-Speed Sharing

Automatically shares sector-based threat insights from peers and near-real-time threat analysis about cyber events at network speed.

Cross Sector Defense

IronDome can be further integrated to facilitate cross-sector exchanges, providing regional or national-level visibility and empowering a unified response to threats.


Existing Threat Intel

Current threat sharing focuses solely on signatures and relies on manual sharing after an investigation.

IronDome automates the sharing of behaviors across the kill chain, greatly reducing adversarial dwell time.

  • Faster mitigation of sector-based attacks

    Detection of attacks against any member is automatically shared with all participants, allowing all to defend against the threat.

  • Reduced adversarial dwell time

    IronDome sharing across the cyber kill chain enables individual companies to detect threats at an earlier stage in the attack life cycle.

  • Better industry-sector visibility and enhanced situational awareness

    IronDome allows an enterprise to assess cyber risk at the industry level in real time.

  • Improved prioritization of security resources

    Near-real-time visibility enables the prioritization of cyber defenses against high-risk targeted attacks across your industry.

How It Works

IronDome creates a communication support network that identifies attacks as they evolve. Anomalies identified by participating companies are shared anonymously at machine speed to all members.

IronDome Solution Sheet

  • Events scored by IronDefense are shared with IronDome prior to analyst involvement. These events are correlated across industry peers to identify sector-wide adversarial campaigns.
  • Notification of these correlations and information on how other peers assess the threat are provided in real-time to IronDome participants.
  • If suspicious behaviors are detected in any member enterprise, IronDome shares a proactive warning to all participating organizations.

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