Who We Serve

IronNet’s mission is to develop the most advanced and effective cybersecurity solutions to defend customer networks, industry sectors, and nations from advanced cyber attacks. We work with clients across a range of industry sectors to develop solutions for their unique business requirements. These industry sectors include:

Energy & Utilities

Energy sector systems afford exceptional utility and efficiency, however, their infrastructures are vulnerable to attack. Cyber attacks to sabotage or gain control of energy sector systems have increased in recent years. These attacks are now used as tools by nation states to cause disruption and further their agendas. Our IronDefense solution delivers massively scalable analytics and an integrated hunt platform to identify Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) threats. These OT and IT threats are often missed by traditional cyber security solutions. Our IronDome collective defense capability links sector peers into a defensive ecosystem that provides machine-speed insight across the sector. IronDome is deployed at a number of top energy and utility enterprises to defend against sophisticated attacks. IronNet is a vital cybersecurity partner for securing the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Financial Services

The financial services sector remains one of the most highly targeted industries by nation-states and criminals. While enterprises have made strides in hardening their networks, more needs to be done to thwart sophisticated attackers that get through standard defensive solutions. IronNet works closely with clients to tailor our IronDefense advanced analytics and expert system solution to identify sophisticated threats in their unique environments. Our IronDome collective defense solution further enhances detection and cyber risk mitigation by interlinking ecosystems of financial and support enterprises. This interconnection enhances sector threat visibility, improves situational awareness and reduces third-party cyber risk for all participant enterprises.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare sector is crucial to the well-being of a nation and its citizens. Cyber disruptions to patient care, supply chains, manufacturing and other related capacities can have grave consequences to an individual’s health, as well as the overall availability of care. Recent attacks by nation-state threat actors and cyber criminals have shown the vulnerability of healthcare systems. IronNet works with healthcare and life sciences enterprises at all stages of cyber maturity. This includes IronDefense’s ability to deliver advanced persistent defense, IronDome’s collective defense capabilities, and human operators who help your security team assess, monitor and respond to advanced threats.


From the theft of government security clearance data to the foreign influence on the U.S. presidential election, we have seen successful attacks across all levels of government that aim to destabilize operations. Existing information security technologies, while providing an important foundation, have shown to be insufficient in defending against advanced persistent adversaries. IronNet understands government operations. Our leadership team is comprised of executives, engineers, and security personnel who have extensive offensive and defensive experience countering advanced adversaries who target government systems. Our hunters are empowered by our IronDefense and IronDome solutions to help government organizations rapidly detect threats locally within the organization. These solutions also provide global situational awareness of adversarial activity to help prioritize future responses to potential threat vectors. We leverage this experience on behalf of government clients, large and small. IronNet works collaboratively with government security operations centers to identify and expel sophisticated adversaries.


The manufacturing sector increasingly relies on interconnected systems to help improve operational efficiency. Many are producing interconnected products that provide new services to their customers. While these innovations improve business opportunities, they unfortunately also increase the attack surface for the enterprise. Sophisticated adversaries target manufacturers directly by attacking its employees and assets. Indirectly, adversaries attack through the compromise of supply chains to steal intellectual property, disrupt business, and destroy or degrade physical assets. IronNet helps manufacturing clients defend against targeted threats by applying advanced detection algorithms to OT and IT traffic. These algorithms enable security teams to monitor traffic across all of their assets. Our IronDome solution allows manufacturing firms to interconnect their ecosystem of suppliers. This enables machine-speed threat visibility across an enterprise’s supply chain to help detect potential threats before they become an issue. Our technology is backed by a team of advanced cyber operators who work with your security teams. These operators deliver the best in proactive defenses to help reduce cyber risk across all aspects of your business.