The Mission Continues

Why We're Here

In 2014, we started working with industry leaders to collectively defend critical infrastructure from advanced nation-state threats. We discovered that cyber defenses were too reliant on signature-based solutions and lacked the scalability to provide full enterprise visibility in real-time. Even if industry peers wanted to work together, they could not, due to an inability to detect the tactics and techniques used to target individual enterprises.

For collective defense to work, we needed a different type of cybersecurity solution, one that identified behavioral anomalies at scale within an individual enterprise and one that could anonymously share detected events within a trusted circle of peers at machine speed for higher order correlation and analysis.

We founded IronNet Cybersecurity with an unmatched team of experts from industry, government, and academia to partner with public and private enterprises to build and operate a collective defense infrastructure that helps defend industries and the nation from advanced threats.

"Cyber threats have become the most pressing risk to both the global private sector and our national security. Existing approaches and defenses to protect networks are falling short. We are taking the collective experience and skills of our team from years of government service to focus on solutions for the commercial sector to make our networks safe. The Mission Continues."
General (Ret) Keith Alexander Founder and Co-CEO